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How can I help the network financially?

Family Promise of Knoxville is a 501©(3) corporation and your contribution is tax deductible.  Contributions can be mailed to:  Family Promise of Knoxville, P.O. Box 10184, Knoxville, TN   37939-0184.  Or see our donations page for more information.

Request that your congregation, parish or community organization include Family Promise of Knoxville in their annual budget.  This would help us tremendously in planning our annual budget each year.

How do I get involved?

For more information on volunteeringplease contact Mary Thomson LeMense at Director@familypromiseknoxville.org or call (865) 584-2822.

What is the approximate annual cost to a congregation?

The cost is about $200 per year.

What facilities do host congregations need for guests?

Facilities must include a lounge area (with sofa, chairs, tables, TV,) a dining area, a kitchen, bathrooms, and sleeping accommodations.  Ideally, congregations provide a separate room, such as a classroom, for each family.  If that isn’t possible, a fellowship hall or other large room can be divided by partitions to provide privacy.

Our building is in use almost all the time.  How will we find space?

Churches and synagogues are busy places with many demands on their space.  Rarely does a perfect space exist.  Hosting almost always means making some scheduling adjustments for activities and meetings.  For example, three or four times a year, a group may need to move their regularly scheduled meeting night to another room.

How are families referred to the network?

Our staff stays in contact with other referral sources – i.e. school liaisons, other shelter programs, Volunteer Ministry Center, etc. to keep them aware of openings in the program.  Referrals have also come from past families, internet searches, pastor and doctor referrals and word of mouth in the other shelters.  When a call comes in we ask some basic questions and determine whether the parent is requesting to be put on our waiting list.  When we have an opening, we work our way down the wait list attempting to make contact with the families in the order in which the calls came in.  Many times, phones are disconnected or the parent has no more minutes, making it very difficult to make contact with them.  We also encourage the families to call back and check in periodically.  Once we reach a family still in need of shelter, we schedule an interview and at that time determine if this is the right program to fit their needs.

How long does it take for a family to be admitted?

It depends entirely on the number of families in the program.  Family Promise of Knoxville can only work with a maximum of 4 families with a maximum of 14 family members.

How can someone make a referral?

A referral can be made by calling (865) 584-2822 and giving the information to the Director of Family Support Services.  We ask that one of the parents in the family make the call to ensure we have all the necessary information.