In 2011, our volunteers logged  more than 17,000 volunteer hours!
Since opening in July of 2005, we have provided services to:
458 Family Members
138 Family Units
267 Children
123 Under the age of 5 years

Our average length of stay is currently 79.1 days
We have provided  25,782 shelter nights and 78,645 shelter meals!

We have a 53% success rate of moving families into permanent housing.
We have a 81% success rate when we count in those families that moved in with family, friends or transitional housing programs.

We have graduated more then 5 families from our Going Home, Staying Home program
We are currently working with 28 families in this program.

    In 2005, the National Alliance to
End Homelessness conducted a
cost analysis of a traditional
shelter vs. Family Promise. The
study shows the program saves
money for American communities:

Traditional Shelter: $ 200
(bed, meals, employment

Family Promise: $ 70
(bed/shelter; meals; employment,
budget, nutrition counseling;
housing referrals, childcare, legal
& medical assistance, related

Savings per Family & Night $130

Multiply by 4 -- Family Promise
serves about 4 families a night

Traditional Shelter $ 800
Family Promise $ 280
Savings per Night $520

Multiply by 365 days per year

Traditional Shelter $292,000
Family Promise $102,200
Savings per Year $189,800

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Jan 30, 2013, 3:18 PM
Courtney Bemus,
Apr 3, 2012, 5:13 AM