Family Promise Academy

The Family Promise Academy seeks to address the underlying causes of family homelessness and build self-reliance by teaching important life skills to both children and adults. Upon acceptance into the program often families have broken spirits.  Self-esteem is at a low, and it is often hard for the families to envision a brighter future.  Through the Family Promise Academy, families have the opportunity to learn important life skills to empower them to achieve long lasting self-sufficiency.   Life skills classes are designed to address eight targeted areas:


Topic 1:          Personal Management - upon mastery of this topic, participants will be able to recognize and effectively respond to stressful situations on an ongoing basis.


Topic 2:          Socializations Skills - participants will learn critical skills needed to interact with others using a positive approach which will promote healthy peer relationships, and help in all facets of life.


Topic 3:          Home and Family Management – topics include: how to maintain a household, preparing nutritious meals, developing positive parent/child relationships, recognizing appropriate childcare options, and identifying safe and affordable housing options.

  • Nutrition workshops are held through a partnership with the University of Tennessee, Knox County Extension. Julie Bledsoe provides weekly workshops on a variety of topics.


Topic 4:          Vehicle Safety Management - participants will be more proactive in assessing vehicle maintenance and be able to maintain their vehicles longer in addition, participants will understand the significance of proper vehicle safety and therefore will be safer when driving and/or riding in a vehicle.


Topic 5:          Transportation - participants to become comfortable with available public transportation and be able to successfully use alternate forms of transportation.


Topic 6:          Budgeting - mastery of this goal will empower participants to effectively manage their money and attain sustainable economic self-sufficiency.

  • Weekly classes as taught through a partnership with CrediAbility.


Topic 7:          Employment - participants will become familiar with the application process and gain important skills such as resume writing, and interview techniques.


Topic 8:          Education development - the goal of this topic is to improve academic performance and motivation to learn among school age children; helping children and parents make school a top priority for the entire family.