A New Day!

posted Oct 17, 2013, 1:49 AM by Courtney Bemus   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 12:21 AM ]
    It is a new day at Family Promise and the word is change. First, I am honored to have been chosen as the new Executive Director. I have been a volunteer for years and when Joyce Shoudy announced her retirement, I knew I wanted to take on this challenge. I am trained as a lawyer but have for years rather than practice law have been "practicing parenting" and volunteering my time and talents in the community. My focus has been home and family and so it will remain - just for others!

    Change is also in the air with our day center and office home. After many ups and downs we are ever so close to purchasing a new space -a sanctuary for our guests.Your generous donations to our building fund and the extraordinary support from our interfaith partners has made this dream a near reality. Stay tuned for more news.

        Change is coming! With a new day center we will move to double our ability to help children and their families. Right now Harley House is filled to the brim with children, five boys! Their parents want nothing more than to provide for their families - just as we all do. They are now getting help. Also at the Harley House is a "wait list" with the names of 20 families needing a place to stay. Our new space will allow us to help so many more.

    Change ... None of this is possible without you! Volunteers are the cornerstone of Family Promise. Soon we will be reaching out to additional members of the interfaith community to join our network.

    Change... Often change goes hand in hand with fear and uncertainty.  But as we move forward with all this change we will do so walking together, side by side. As I do, I hope you see this change as an exciting opportunity for us to continue the promise to end homelessness one family at a time!


Mary Thomson LeMense