Update on the West View Sanctuary

posted Feb 20, 2014, 6:51 PM by Courtney Bemus

Since purchasing the West View Sanctuary in December, we have been working with architects, engineers, KUB and the City of Knoxville to gain the necessary approvals to renovate and move in. We have a fantastic team of professionals guiding us through the maze of requirements and considerations.  Tim Dunaway, our Board Member, has taken the lead. We are deeply indebted to architect, Faris Eid of Design Innovations Architects and to engineer John Kenny of Facility Systems Consultants for donation of their expert work and council. 

    As with most major decisions in the life of a family, things do not always happen as quickly as we wish and often the path comes with a few bumps and turns in the road.  The same has been true with the planned move to our new day center.  But most certainly – when things do not move on “our time” and we allow plans to unfold as intended – the result is even better. I must admit some frustration with things like building codes, some of which seem downright nonsensical, I do see plans coming together to serve the needs of our families, in safe surroundings and with more efficient use of our resources and your donations.   

    Because of your continued faith and support, last week a record was set at Family Promise: three families were moved into new homes in four days!  Let us learn from the example of our families. For each of them the journey back to sustainable housing was not nearly as fast as they had hoped. Each faced unexpected obstacles along the way.  Each exhibited unwavering grace under extreme circumstances. Certainly we, the Family Promise of Knoxville family, can do the same.  Let us be steadfast, resilient and resolute as we allow this opportunity of a new life for Family Promise to unfold before us.  When it is the right time we will move in and continue our journey together to end family homelessness one family at a time.


Mary Thomson LeMense