posted May 2, 2013, 3:09 PM by Courtney Bemus


 As I sit in my office at the Harley House on this beautiful Spring day I am thinking about the families and especially the children who have passed through these doors over the past almost 8 years.   One of the children currently in the program is a sweet little strawberry blonde 2 year old with Shirley temple curls who just wins my heart daily!  All of the children we’ve seen come through the program with their parents are so sweet.  They are the innocent victims of unfortunate decisions and circumstances that have put their family in a homeless situation. 

    As I think about these children, I can’t help but think about the children whose family needs shelter.  The calls for family shelter continue to increase.   We remain committed to our goal, established in 2005, to grow to include a second rotation of congregations and organizations to allow us to work with more families.

    As many of you know we began a building campaign last fall in an attempt to purchase a building we had identified and made an offer to buy.  Unfortunately we were not able to raise enough of the funds needed to close on the property so we withdrew our offer.  The funds we had raised are safely invested in a CD restricted to be used solely for the purpose of obtaining a building.  The Board of Directors is continuing to pursue a new day center to improve our daily operations and allow the programs to expand.  We are continuing to raise funds for the building campaign.

    Currently we have a full house of four families, all working hard to meet their goals, move into housing and graduate the program.  We are anticipating the end of the school year and the warm summer months ahead.  We recently had a great group from Fuse church spend an afternoon doing yard work and sprucing up the house.   These groups always leave me rejuvenated and thankful for a wonderful community of volunteers and supporters.

    I would encourage all of you to continue to spread a little love today and every day.   Did you know that recently it was Random Acts of Kindness Week?  One day’s suggested act was – Donate time or money to a local charity!   Family Promise of Knoxville would love to be the recipient of your Random Act of Kindness! 

Wishing you a wonderful Spring,