2012 Campaign for a New Day Center in continuing into 2013!

We were not able to raise the amount of funds needed to close on the Cedar Lane property in time for the December 21st closing deadline, so our offer was withdrawn and our earnest money was returned.  We are now continuing our search for a large building which we can purchase to move our offices and program facilities to.  Our Board has designated a committee, chaired by our Treasurer, Bruce Roberts, to continue searching for an appropriate spot.  We will update this website as we make progress.  It is our hope that we will be relocated by the end of 2013!  If you would like to volunteer to help Bruce and the committee, please call our office at 865-584-2822.

Good News

We have been given a $150,000 matching funds grant from the McMurry Memorial Fund of First Presbyterian Church of Knoxville. This is a tremendous gift which will be instrumental in funding our efforts.

ALL Money Raised Up to 150,000 Will Be Matched By this Fund.
YOU can help make this dream a reality.

We have recently purchased a $75,000 CD with the funds which have been donated for the Building Campaign.  We have not requested any funds from the McMurry Fund as of yet, but when we do we will purchase an additional CD.
Here is a letter from a concerned neighbor from Cedar Lane who came to the existing Day Center and took a tour.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to discuss my concerns with you and tour your current facility. A lot of my concerns have been addressed and I do intend to share the information I have gained with my neighbors. The media had made your organization sound like the typical shelter and now I now have the understanding of exactly what you do and what you plan to bring to our community. If you do get to move to the Cedar Lane location then I urge you to let me know how I can help your services here. I do not travel much as I have 4 young kids in school and I am a student myself, however I can volunteer my available hours, especially if you are located one yard from me! I have also wrote an email to the media with my opinion and what I have learned today and urged them to do an update with my information. I hope they do so that others may gain an understanding. I do stress the possibility of using the term Family Assistance Outreach with this community because that might urge them to help in whatever way they can. Also it might get them to urge their churches in the area to help. Feel free to add my name and number to your list of contacts.

A New Concerned Neighbor and New Friend.