Family Promise of Knoxville 
Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Schedule

Volunteer Coordinators (VCs) support volunteer hosts and serve as program/volunteer coordinators for their congregation. Each host and support congregation has a primary VC with the responsibility for managing their IHN host week. In many congregations, several assistant coordinators manage specific responsibilities, such as meals, donations, supplies, and scheduling.

VCs serve as managers of the IHN program within their congregations. See the Guide For Volunteer Coordinators for more details on VC duties. All congregations are matched into Network Teams. VCs from the host and support congregations work together as a Network Team to fill the volunteer slots and provide resources for their scheduled host week.

Please share your lessons-learned and tips on making your host week a success at the Coordinators Meetings held every other month beginning in January and email lessons learned and tips to to share on this webpageCommunication and sharing these things helps make our network stronger.

Volunteer Coordinators - thanks for all you do!!

Family Promise IHN Program 
Host Churches, Associated Support Members, and Schedule

Guest families arrive on Sunday afternoon at the host church and stay through the following Sunday. Host and Supports work together as a Network Team to provide shelter and meals for our guest families. Family Promise has a trailer that is used to transport airbeds, suitcases, etc. between IHN host facilities. The host congregation is responsible for getting the trailer to the next host facility on Sunday mornings after our guest families have packed.

Below is the updated 2012 - 2013 IHN schedule for guest rotations at our host congregations. Orange table cells indicate there is a holiday during this period. Blue table cells indicate that you need to check the schedule because the rotation schedule has been changed from the norm.

Rotational Schedule 2013

Weeks containing holidays:           
    1/1/2013    New Year's Day   
    1/20/2013    MLK  Day
    2/10/2013    Valentine's Day   
    3/24/2013    Holy Week  Begins
    3/24/2013    Passover    
    3/31/2013    Easter   
    5/12/2013    Mother's Day   
    5/26/2013    memorial day   
    6/16/2013    Father's Day   
    6/30/2013    4th of July
    7/9/2013      Ramadan begins
    9/1/2013      Labor Day
    9/1/2013      Rosh Hashana
    10/27/2013    Halloween   
    11/24/0213    Thanksgiving
    11/24/2013    Hanukkah
    12/22/2013    Christmas ( New Year's Eve)
    12/29/2013    New Year's Day